Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Souls signing

Well, today is the day... I get to meet "my friend Deb", you know the one that writes amazing books, the one that I chat with online.  Yeap - I'm a total nut case over this lady.  Anyway...  As many of you know, I was never a big reader - like ever.  I hated all things to do with reading.  The smell of books, the time wasted, the subject, the blah blah blah.  I couldn't read a People magazine without falling asleep.  The year I turned 35 I made a choice to TRY reading, because it was the adult thing to do.  How could I force it on my kids for school when I didn't do it myself?  Up until that point in my life, I had only read a few handfuls of books - Harry Potter, Twilight, a few biographies and other books.   I struggled, taking a month to read the tiniest of books (Harry Potter #1).  I kept at it though... reading different genres, searching for "the one" that made some impact on my soul.  It was on the recommendation of a friend, Corissa, that I read a book called A Discovery of Witches.  Something about the blurb had me very curious.  So, I got it from the library.  March 24, 2012 came & I read it in two days... in those two days something clicked, something finally made sense.  I wanted MORE.  I wanted to read!  I had finally found the love of the written word and it was magical.  I've read hundreds of books since then and have hundreds waiting for me to give them their turn.  Soooo....two years have past and her trilogy read, I get to meet the lady that changed my world - Deborah Harkness.  She helped open my heart and eyes to the beauty of books.  Without her, I wouldn't have found Christian or Gideon.  Liz Talley's brilliance, my most beloved BDB, the amazing Jamie Fraser, series after series, new characters and their stories...the list goes on and one and it's never ending.   I'm so grateful to Rick for getting me my first Kindle and for giving me this most amazing opportunity!  I have been like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning these last few days... Off to Scottsdale I go, with my books in hand.

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Lori Buffington said...

I hope she has good security! Seriously, reading can change your world for sure! Have fun!