Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 15: A song that represents something significant

There's always the moment in your life when you realize "this is gonna stay with me forever".  We've all had them and will, hopefully, spend our entire life having them.  Whether it's good, bad, happy, sad, scary, silly - every emotion is tied to something.  I think like is a great musical - always changing pace and keeping us surprised at what may be coming next.  I love it...I love that when I hear anything from Journey, I think about all the time I spent with my cousin Christine.  Pearl Jam, ex-boyfriend.  On Eagle's Wing - funeral, Keeper of the Star - wedding day, Hero - high school graduation, Sound of Music - driving back and forth to college with my friend Phoebe.  The list can go on and one.  A life without "the song" is, I'd imagine, a boring life. I want my life's soundtrack to be HUGE and so diverse.  Why not, right?  Hearing the same song over and over will pretty damn boring and I'm far from that.

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